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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Details of Studio

Just some more details inside my studio - my design wall is still blank and it has been worrying my husband. He says is bare - why????? Wait and see???!!!!

If any of my Certificate 1V students are looking - take note!! -  the studio, how you set it up, how to store your stash and stuff, what you need as lightning etc, etc, - this is one of your units. Photograph your studio - before and after shots are good.
It would be good to see some of your studios, work areas and maybe I could put them on my blog too - of course with your permission.
More to come so keep posted.
And by the way I am going to post at least three times a week - trying as before everyday was too much.

Need to think carefully about how I do this when I am away on holidays - any comments???

One of my shelves with a combination of my collections from my travels 
and threads,beads, shells, buttons etc....Everything is sorted in clear boxes
 in a single layer so I can see it easily - it saves me loads of time
Sorry photo is a little dark

Above: some of my Chinese collection and strings of beads
ready to use in my works when and if needed
This corner is my children's corner - maybe I am still a bit of a 
This is our "shrine" shelf - Chinese 'cats' and Ganesh (Indian) both for good luck  (and I have that)

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