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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

More Painting

Here are some samples of students work from the Painting unit

Francie Mewett
Patricia Wadmore
Jenny Lovedor
Susan Powell
Francie Mewett

The students have been very experimental in their approach
and it shows in the  high variety and quality of work
Well done!!!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Have I lost it?  Shoulder
Just an update - I do have a tear in the one of the tendons in my arm, some inflation and artha (age) - I am just wearing out??
All my doctor says is some physio, rest, painkillers, heat and lots of time.
As he said it's more of an annoyance than anything else - at least it is not an operation that is needed.

Yesterday my students at Marden Senoir College were working on their painting unit - some brilliant effects are happening.
 We are using all sorts of paints, dyes, fabric inks, crayons etc so they get to understand what each will do to the fabric - some paints will make the fabric stiff, others like dye will not change the handle of the fabric, some crayons will need heat setting etc etc... They have to complete at lest 40 samples including silk painting and then present 10 of their best - some with additions to them eg stitching, piecing, pen and ink etc...

Below are general photos of the class' efforts - not ironed or presented yet - just the beginning

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Have I lost it???

My husband said when you are under 60 you fall over when you are over 60 you have a fall.
And this is what I have done in the last year - had a fall - just before going to China in April last year now I have injured my shoulder just before another trip - is this telling me something???? 
Have I lost it?
Or is it because I am over 60????? As my Doctor kindly reminded me that I am getting older - thanks!!
I need to be more careful at my age. Thanks once again!!

So this is one reason I have not being blogging but the real reason is that I had to consider why I was blogging and what did I really want to put on the blog.
So now I have decided!!! 
I want to share with you my teaching at Marden Senior College which is Textiles Arts. I will share some of  the students work and talk about some of the discussions that we have about Textiles.
Secondly, I want to share with you my Art Practice and things about Textiles that I enjoy and find interesting. 
Thirdly, a little about me and what I get up to - mainly related to my studio work and what influences that work.

I will blog every second day - probably not that regularly when I am travelling - I have no laptop so I will have to rely on the internet cafes or at our hotel. Will see what happens.

2012 and a shoulder injury - like now!!!
2011 - a fall at school a week before I travelled to China - luckily no major damage but a little scar 

Have I really lost it?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Chinese minority costumes

When we travelled to China last year we went to the Shanghai Museum which had a wonderful collection of Costumes of China ( Minorities)  Below are a few photos of the costumes - quality of the photos is not brilliant as all the costumes were behind class cabinets. The detailing on all the costumes was just fantastic. Enjoy!!

Friday, 3 February 2012

More details of my studio

This is the last post on the studio for the moment

Below are details of how I store my thread, beads etc.... I find it works really well for me. You must be able to see everything you have - not in boxes you cannot see into or boxes behind others ...
But of course not everyone has such a large studio.
You have not seen my store room yet - full of my fabrics, art supplies and other larger odds and ends - at the moment it is full of some of my youngest sons furniture etc etc etc... but he is moving into his new house this Friday and I will have another big tidy up and re-organize the storeroom (and our shed) - do not know when I can get to my sewing machine. Hopefully this will be the last major re-organization to do as both our sons are now settled in their new homes, places and jobs and all their gear will be gone???!! One hopes!!!