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Monday, 19 November 2012

More and more of Marden Senior College Exhibition

Below are examples of the Certificate 111 students displays

Christine Taylor's display (part)

Christine Taylor's Quilt - reverse applique

Christine Taylor's hooked rug cushion

Elsie McKellar' display

Elsie McKellar (riso print - self portrait)

Elsie McKellar (detail of dress - large suffolk puffs - hand dyed fabric)

Sunday, 18 November 2012

More Marden Senior College Exhibition

Here below is some more of my students work in their final year's exhibition

Margey Knapp - she worked with  Medival manuscripts as her design inspriation 

Detail of Margey Knapp

Francie Mewett above and below

These two students are studying Certificate 1V in Visual Arts and during the year they had to produce a body of work for their exhibition at Peeper Street Gallery early in 2013. Watch out for the information.
Such beautiful work by both students - well done!!!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Marden Senior College Exhibition

It has been the most busy week for me - Marden Senior College Art Exhibition on Thursday night then Saturday and Sunday I attended the Adelaide Quilt and Craft Show - both demonstrating RAw Edge Collage and giving floor talks for the "Beneath the Southern Sky" exhibition which was extremely well received indeed. And then on Monday a very long day with work, a dinner with the Certificate 1V students and the our meeting of FAN (Fibre Artist Network). The FAN meeting was extremely well attended - 42 of us discussed what's on, showing work etc - all to do with Textiles - a great day and a very tired Suzanne here who was not very functional the next day.

Last Thursday night was Marden Senior College Art Exhibition where my students exhibited their textiles. It was a wonderful night with about 300+ people enjoying the displays. The staff also exhibited in their our  room - it was excellent to see other teachers art works.
And the student work was also wonderful - well done all!!!

Rosie Gates' wonderful display of her Certificate 1V  experiments
with natural dyeing and stitch (above and below)

Certificate 1V students will exhibit their final works at Pepper Street Gallery in late March and April 2013 so watch this space for information 

I will post a few of the displays in the next posts

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A Student's Work

Below is Paige Neis-Beer's work she did for one of her projects for school (see previous post of her stall at the preloved Fashion Market)
She is a student of mine at  Marden Senior College studying Certificate 3 in Textiles

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

More Reverse Applique

Below are some more samplers from my students

Katie Mullins

Helena Bava

Mary Williams

Friday, 21 September 2012

Indian Textiles - Stitching

I wish to share some stitching on a Toran that one of my students brought to school and allowed me to photograph and share with you.
Torans are traditional Indian Textiles, which are hung over windows and doorways. Their designs include floral, geometric, animal or figure motifs, and sometimes their gods.

I shall post some of my Torans and some traditional ones soon in a future post.

I teach a class on this subject  based on the traditional shapes of the Toran but the students create their very own contemporary Torans using different techniques eg Fabric Collage, Painting, Piecing etc.
This is a class I love teaching as the students always come up with new ideas, shapes and motifs and therefore all the Torans are very different.

The photos below are the designs on a Toran - stitched with a ari - a needle like a crochet hook to create a chain stitch. Traditional stitching was silk thread on cotton fabric but now in modern Torans the thread is usually rayon.

I love the designs - and stitched over red printed lettering - see in the above photos - can you see them?
Isn't the mouse (or is it?) wonderful? And Ganesha at the top - a "God" -  I love this "God" and I have a stitched piece and a Ganesha bronze sculpture in my bedroom.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

You can see where Indian embroiderers get their designs
These photos were taken on my several trips to India
I need to do some sketching from them - the colours and decoration  are wonderful 
I think I have a lifetime of inspiration but not enough hours in the day - wish I did not have to sleep!!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Indian Textiles 
I have a passion for India and its textile. So I thought I would share a few more photos so enjoy

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Indian Textiles

Last Sunday on ABC 2 there was a fabulous documentary on Indian Textiles.
The show was called "Hidden Treasures" - try to look at it on IVIEW - go to programmes, then to the A-Z list - it will only be on for a few more days so do not miss it.

These photos below are on our trip to the the same area in India - Gujarat and Kutch areas. This was in 2007 and feels like yesterday. We visited the same areas, cities and villages as shown in the documentary. Also all the people interviewed like John Gillow, an expert and collector in Indian Textiles in London and Salim Wazir, an Indian expert guide throughout the regions mentioned - both are good friends and it was wonderful to see the beautiful textiles so please do not miss it!!!!!!!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Back Again

Back again 

I have not posted for some time - been so busy but here we go again regularly from now on - I promise!!!!

Just getting over my studio open days for SALA (South Australian Living Artists) on the last two weekends - it was a great success but it does take a bit of work to get organised - cleaning, tidying, hanging work etc. but I love meeting the people that come to visit  - answering all the questions like - How to you get inspiration? Do you draw or plan before you begin? How do you organise your studio  - fabrics, threads etc..?

Just exhibited in the "In Your Backyard" exhibiition at Pepper Street Gallery, Magill Road, Adelaide
I created two small floral pieces for this exhibition - Fabric Collage - raw edged technique (see image below)

I am working on a floral series  - as well as other art works
One from this series is in the USA for the World Quilt Show, another is still travelling with "Beneath the Southern Skies" throughout Australia, an another in the new Australia Wide 3 (Ozquilt Network)  to be launched  at Fairfield Gallery, Sydney in October. These have been selected shows so I am thrilled with my efforts this year so far.

I am still working with our local exhibition group of five, "SAlt" - South Australian Living Textiles
We are creating 8 long panels each over the two years to a theme. We cannot announce where it will be exhibited in 2013 yet so  I will keep you posted. We cannot show any of our works until the launch.
We have all found this very difficult indeed but it will be worth it - 40 stunning panels on show next year.

Suzanne Gummow in front of one of her pieces in the floral series (the red one)

Working in my studio on my red piece on one of  my trusty, well loved, well used Berninas

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Carol Wilkes Workshop

This weekend I organised Carol Wilkes to tutor two workshops here in Adelaide.
Carol is a wonderful tutor from Queensland. She is teaching Machine Embroidery techniques.
Everyone enjoyed the weekend workshop. Now for the next two days!!!!

Carol Wilkes and below are here wonderful cords by the miles!!!!

 Below Carol Wilkes discussing machine embroidery techniques with the students. They are listening very intently aren't they???

More in the next few days.