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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Indian Textiles

Last Sunday on ABC 2 there was a fabulous documentary on Indian Textiles.
The show was called "Hidden Treasures" - try to look at it on IVIEW - go to programmes, then to the A-Z list - it will only be on for a few more days so do not miss it.

These photos below are on our trip to the the same area in India - Gujarat and Kutch areas. This was in 2007 and feels like yesterday. We visited the same areas, cities and villages as shown in the documentary. Also all the people interviewed like John Gillow, an expert and collector in Indian Textiles in London and Salim Wazir, an Indian expert guide throughout the regions mentioned - both are good friends and it was wonderful to see the beautiful textiles so please do not miss it!!!!!!!

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