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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Back home relaxing or trying

A visit to the beach - my husband and I have been trying to relax after our hectic trip to India - had a few small trips to the beach for fish and chips for lunch - how lovely under a blue clear sky, no rubbish, no cow poo, and no pollution.

What beautiful beaches we have in South Australia!!!!
Back home and back online

Hi everybody - Happy New Year and have a great 2014
I have been travelling in India for 4 weeks and now back home - needed to rest and relax as India is very hard travelling.
And now back at work teaching - so here comes 2014 - wonder what excitement I shall have this year - last year was I think my busiest year ever for many reasons.

I will share some photos of my trip in the next few blogs but today I visited the Art Gallery of South Australia to visit the exhibition called "Realms of Wonder - Jain, Hindu and Islamic Art of India"
Well worth a visit - some pieces that are on loan only for this exhibition - it does finish tomorrow so those of you who can make try as you will not regret it!!!
No photos in the gallery but a great book to buy about the exhibition.

The "adverts" outside the gallery

This area is for kids and of course the oldies to make some sculptures, paintings etc about the exhibition - a Great space with lots of interesting objects - how's the wallpaper?

Namaste = welcome and hello

Sculpture in the workshop area - they had made the whole area so lovely

Above and below : Some lotus, flowers , animals that the children made