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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Creating New Fabric

Some more works created in my class at the Australian Quilt Convention recently.
 If you are interested come and join a class that I will run this year in Adelaide, South Australia. If you are interested contact me by email

Helen Tait work in progress

Anne Maundrell - finished work

Penny Clydesdale finished work
I am so pleased seeing the finished pieces. The students were lovely and they created great work.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Creating New Fabric

This is class that I taught  at the Australian Quilt Convention , Melbourne recently.

Have you ever wanted to create your very own original fabric? If so this workshop is for you! You will create new fabrics with fusing techniques to use for backgrounds and the motifs. This is a very creative approach that will enhance your art quilts or textile works. Each person will end up with a small individual piece of work. Your work will be approximately A3 size. You will explore and learn this new technique of creating new fabric, free machine embroidery and discussion will occur about design layouts and the use of colour to create your very own unique piece of work. Come and join me in this exciting workshop.

I will be running another workshop in the future in Adelaide so if you are interested let me  know

The beginnings in the class

My lovely students and their work 

The students working  on their work - in the background some of my (Suzanne Gummow) work 

Sue Neilsen in progress work

Jan Rowe's work in progress

Watch the next post for more.
And join my class to create your own "Create New Fabric"