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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Dare to Differ - Contemporary Quilt Exhibition

The exhibition is now set up and ready to go.

Opening night tomorrow night so be there!!!

See previous posts for additional information

The exhibition looks fantastic so visit it in the next few weeks if you can

I will post more photos on this blog after the opening night

Detail 'Garland Galore' - Suzanne Gummow in the entrance of Dare to Differ

So see you on Friday night or see future posts 

Southern Textiles

Southern Textiles is a Conference to be held in Adelaide, South Australia next week 4 - 7 October and will be held at Marden Senior College
I am coordinator of the event. We have five tutors conducting 5 different workshops and lectures.

Jackie Abrams - USA - Contemporary Basketmaker
Joy Harvey     - SA    - Reverse Applique
Effie Mitrofanis - NSW - Hand Stitching
Kirry Toose - NSW - Small Wearable Art
Carol Wilkes - Qld - Machine Embroidery

All tutors are extremely experienced and most have taught Internationally

Each tutor will conduct a 4 day workshop and deliver a lecture
Lectures are open to the public or if you are interested email me

There are a few places left in the workshops so if you are interested email me immediately

I will post some photos next week when the Conference is in swing.

Keep posted!!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Dare to Dare - contemporary quilt exhibition

Dare to Differ - 2011 is a contemporary quilt exhibition which I coordinate and select
Opening night is this Friday at 5 - 8pm at Gallery M at Marion Cultural Centre, South Australia

All welcome!!!!

Click on Invite and Newsletter to open in a larger readable size

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Yesterday I have adjusted the settings for you to add a comment easier - I think?

So please try this and it should allow you to make a post with ease
Let me know what you think of my blog and whether you are enjoying it.
As I am new to blogging I am still working out what is important and what you would like to see.
My profession is teaching in Textiles so I think my blog should contain a lot of student work (with their permission) and what's happening in the Textile/Quilting world. I am involved in many aspects of Textiles - Quilting (mainly Art Quilts), its history, techniques and my own Art Practice. I have a great passion for all things Textiles and would like to share this with you all.
From time to time I  will also post a little about my family, where I live, my walks, my photography, my travel and my Art Practice.

So please comment on my blog so I know you are out there and you are interested in what I have to say


When we were in China we visited many silk Museums and
workshops that either displayed embroidered garments
and goods to buy so here are a few pics of that time in China
Silk embroidery on a silk robe
Making silk quilts - beautiful and light and very reasonable prices
Display of the quilts
Above and below - some of the fabrics you could buy and
then go to the tailors and have something made up for yourself. 
What about those beautiful colours - I could have bought them all
but they would not fit in my luggage at the time to bring home.
Wouldn't we all die for this selection in Australia???!!!!!

Friday, 16 September 2011

More applique

Suzanne Gummow - hand-turned sampler
More Applique

Suzanne Gummow - a small wallhanging created from a drawing
that my son drew of himself at about 8 years old - he is now 30.
Outline stitch applique.
Francie Mewett - sampler - outline applique
Dianne Holland - sampler - outline stitch

Wednesday, 14 September 2011



As you may be aware I teach at Marden Senior College in South Australia and the students and a staff member have been working on an applique unit these last few weeks so I though I would share some of their work with their permission. We cover only six techniques in the applique unit - hand-turned, outline, satin, reverse, raw edge and sheers. The students have to create A4 pieces in both traditional and contemporary styles as well as research and a project at the end of the unit. This has been interesting as there has been great discussion on what is meant by traditional and what is contemporary???? So what do you think is the difference??

Student - Van Hung Nguyen - outline
Student = Francie Mewett - hand-turned
Student = Francie Mewett - hand-turned
Student = Francie Mewett - outline

Aren't these stunning - I am so proud of them ALL!!!!!! I will be posting some more as we progress through the unit on applique. Also watch out for some more on the design elements.
Keep enjoying and send a comment. 
Would like to know if you are enjoying the blog??!!! 

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Applique is the name given to a term generally used to mean the addition of the one fabric to another fabric and stitching them in place. This technique has quite a practical origin having been devised to repair worn or holed fabrics with patches. It became more decorative when patches were cut into shapes and edged with fancy stitches. I love applique and create many of my drawings into applique art works. The photos below are a few of my older pieces including details of all three.

Monday, 12 September 2011


Slippery dip in the nearby park
Walking - I try to walk ever day and on my walks I observe loads of interesting things and often I take my camera with me to record these things so here are a few of what I call the oddities of my district. So get fit and walk!!!!!
I will post more later as this is only on one journey.

My wonderful worn out comfy walking shoes - so off we go...

Sculpture in the near by park and my walking companion Ken ahead in the red jacket

A great letter box
My friend who looks over one of the fences - it use to scare me at first now I look forward to seeing him

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Quilts in Cambodia

I am sorry I have not been posting for a week or so but I have been busy visiting my mother who is 91 and has broken two legs (already had a wrist in plaster from a few weeks ago). So I have not been online


When I was in Cambodia last year I visited "Mekong Quilts". They specialise in high quality, hand stitched bed covers, baby quilts, accessories and giftwares. The quilt range incorporates a number of themes and colours, ranging from contemporary to Asian-inspred designs. Mekong Quilts also accepts custom orders, ensuring unique products to suit any home, which can be shipped worldwide.
All products are handmade by village women  from poor rural areas in Cambodia and Vietnam. The income from Mekong Quilts enables women to remain in their communities and care for their families. Additional profits are cycled through our N.G.O Mekong Plus, providing scholarships and promoting health and quality of life initiatives in these remote villages.

The quilts are of great value so have a look at their website and consider buying something...

They have a great varied of well made quilts of beautiful designs and do ship worldwide so have a look at their website and really consider buying as it helps many village women to increase their living standards, health and wellbeing.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Jenny Gillies at Adelaide Show 2011

When we went to the Adelaide Show yesterday we visited Jenny Gillies display and her staged show.

Jenny Gillies is a costume and fabric artist. She was born in Christchurch NZ and has been working against tall odds due to the Christchurch earthquake to be at the Adelaide 2011 Show. She is know widely as the creator of extravagant, colourful and highly imaginative costumes, hats, fabric flowers and a diversity of exciting objects of wearable art. If you want to read more about her go to her   
Below are some photographs at the Show - ENJOY!!!! 

Friday, 2 September 2011

Adelaide Show

Today my husband and I went to the Royal Adelaide Agricultural Show - looking at the animals was a joy - their textures, feathers, fur and tails were so beautiful. So here a few pics of the day.... these would be great to draw and then applique into a quilt or two.... Enjoy and take a visit  - it is worth it...

The three having a gossip 
Black and white rules

I am so bored I want to go home

Twosome - I told you not to sit on me!!!

My tail is so beautifully plaited I am sure to win today!!