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Wednesday, 14 September 2011



As you may be aware I teach at Marden Senior College in South Australia and the students and a staff member have been working on an applique unit these last few weeks so I though I would share some of their work with their permission. We cover only six techniques in the applique unit - hand-turned, outline, satin, reverse, raw edge and sheers. The students have to create A4 pieces in both traditional and contemporary styles as well as research and a project at the end of the unit. This has been interesting as there has been great discussion on what is meant by traditional and what is contemporary???? So what do you think is the difference??

Student - Van Hung Nguyen - outline
Student = Francie Mewett - hand-turned
Student = Francie Mewett - hand-turned
Student = Francie Mewett - outline

Aren't these stunning - I am so proud of them ALL!!!!!! I will be posting some more as we progress through the unit on applique. Also watch out for some more on the design elements.
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