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Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Yesterday I have adjusted the settings for you to add a comment easier - I think?

So please try this and it should allow you to make a post with ease
Let me know what you think of my blog and whether you are enjoying it.
As I am new to blogging I am still working out what is important and what you would like to see.
My profession is teaching in Textiles so I think my blog should contain a lot of student work (with their permission) and what's happening in the Textile/Quilting world. I am involved in many aspects of Textiles - Quilting (mainly Art Quilts), its history, techniques and my own Art Practice. I have a great passion for all things Textiles and would like to share this with you all.
From time to time I  will also post a little about my family, where I live, my walks, my photography, my travel and my Art Practice.

So please comment on my blog so I know you are out there and you are interested in what I have to say

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