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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Now back on line

Hi everybody

Sorry I have been off-line for about a month now - this seems to happen every year at this time - I get so tired at the end of the school year and fall in a heap. Well really I get so busy, then down hill or is it just that I completely relax after the busiest time of the year. This year also has been a massive one - I think one of the busiest for all time - what an excuse!!!
Now my husband and I will be off to India on Sunday, I will try to blog on the Ipad but I cannot put photos on - have not sorted out the issues with the Ipad but I will put information maybe once a week and some photos on my Facebook if I can get Wifi so if you are not a friend I think you can still see the information.

In the meantime all of you have a great Xmas and New Year!!!

And I promise I will back on track when I get back in the New Year so keep posted. 

Also we have had a lovely couple of months enjoying our new grandson, Charlie Edward Gummow who is growing while we speak. See new photos below:

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

back on line

Hi I am trying to see if I can blog from my IPad If it does not work look at my Facebook page for future updates on my holiday to India

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Southern Textiles Conference

In Carol Wilkes workshop Ricci had a wonderful time and below are some of her samplers - aren't they great???

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Our New Grandson - Charlie

Charlie was born on the 24 September 2013 in Melbourne and therefore is now a month old now - how time flies. And how he has grown in that month.
He is a beautiful boy and I miss him already. Hopefully we will see him next month here in Adelaide.

Charlie is SO much like his father when the same age

Charlie has won???

Well I have lost one sock - where is it my foot is cold

Charlie and his mum, Sarah - our daughter-in-law

Well here we go - can't wait till I can walk!!!

Southern Textiles - 2013

Below are some pics of my class "Exploring Surface Design and Stitch. The class used paper, fabric, print and stitch.
All the work below is in progress.
It was a fun class and the students had never done anything like it before - a new process to them.

Margaret Geekie

Dianna Holland

Above and below Julia Morris

Above and below Suzanne Gummow

Monday, 14 October 2013

Dare to Differ - 2013
Contemporary Quilts

Another reminder
DON'T miss the exhibition here in Adelaide until 20th October at Gallery M, Marion.

(see earlier posts for more information)

General views of the exhibition and a big thanks to Brother International (Aust) for their support!!!!

Some of the crowd on the opening night - a big event with loads of people - a great night 

Southern Textiles

This was a National Textile Conference held here in Adelaide, South Australia last week. We had 40 participants and 4 tutors over a 4 day period,. The tutors were Carol Wilkes, Qld, Margery Goodall, WA, Effie Mitrofanis, NSW and Suzanne Gummow, SA. It was a very successful conference with everybody enjoying what they did.
Below are a few photos of the conference

From left: The Tutors - Margery, Suzanne, Carol & Effie

A viewing of the work at the end of the Conference

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Our new grandson

It really does not get any better.

Charlie thinking - why is my skin is falling off?

Charlie being -  let me out of here

Charlie - where is my mummy?

Charlie and his father Ben having a sleep - at least for a short time

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Dare to Differ - 2013
Contemporary Art Quilt Exhibition

If you have not visited the exhibition held here in Adelaide do - it is a very exciting exhibition.

Gallery M
287 Diagonal Road, Oaklands Park. SA (adjt. to Westfield Marion)
Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm. Sun 1pm - 4pm
They also have a great eatery and shop at the Gallery
See additional info on their website

The opening night was great and many people turned up for an entertaining night. Thanks to all the local participating artists who bought nibbles for the night event.

one view of the exhibition

Isobel McGarry (left) was winner of  Brother prize for the Most Innovative Quilt
in the show with her quilt "Ten Thousand Leaves #7"
presented by Karen Supple( pictured on the right) from Brother International (Aust)

The one that Dared to Differ

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

New Grandson

It does not get any better than this, a new grandson, Charlie Edward Gummow and a trip to Melbourne in our new car and caravan.

On the road to Melbourne 

Granny (me) and Charlie - 5 days old

Charlie day dreaming 

Blue eyes - maybe?

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Our first grandson arrived at 10pm last night - 24/9/2013

Charlie Edward Gummow

Saturday, 21 September 2013

“Dare to Differ – 2013”

An Exhibition of Art Contemporary Quilts

This is a National Exhibition of Contemporary Art Quilts, which happens every two years. The exhibition promotes and displays contemporary quilting in Australia to a wider audience here, in South Australia. Quilts have been selected from five states of Australia. The exhibition is very diverse - in images, concepts, innovation, techniques and sizes. This will be a stunning show of excellent quality, which will attract large numbers as previous exhibitions have done in the past.
The exhibition is supported through the Quilters' Guild of South Australia and Brother International Australia.

Join me on the opening night next Friday 27th September at 6.30pm.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Articles in Down Under Textiles

I am now writing for Down Under Quilts on a regular basis as their  columnist  - I am thrilled with the first issue which will be out in the newsagents on the 18th September. You can subscribe - well worth it as it would be good to support the Australian connection.

Not great photos so if you buy the magazine you will get not only a better"view" of my work but there is much more in it to enjoy!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Flowers in my garden 

I love flowers - have always loved them as I grew up in a plant nursery, visit and photograph flowers around the world - now need to put more into my Textile works - time - need more of it!!! 

Can someone supply with more time?