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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Marden Senior College Exhibition

It has been the most busy week for me - Marden Senior College Art Exhibition on Thursday night then Saturday and Sunday I attended the Adelaide Quilt and Craft Show - both demonstrating RAw Edge Collage and giving floor talks for the "Beneath the Southern Sky" exhibition which was extremely well received indeed. And then on Monday a very long day with work, a dinner with the Certificate 1V students and the our meeting of FAN (Fibre Artist Network). The FAN meeting was extremely well attended - 42 of us discussed what's on, showing work etc - all to do with Textiles - a great day and a very tired Suzanne here who was not very functional the next day.

Last Thursday night was Marden Senior College Art Exhibition where my students exhibited their textiles. It was a wonderful night with about 300+ people enjoying the displays. The staff also exhibited in their our  room - it was excellent to see other teachers art works.
And the student work was also wonderful - well done all!!!

Rosie Gates' wonderful display of her Certificate 1V  experiments
with natural dyeing and stitch (above and below)

Certificate 1V students will exhibit their final works at Pepper Street Gallery in late March and April 2013 so watch this space for information 

I will post a few of the displays in the next posts

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