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Friday, 3 February 2012

More details of my studio

This is the last post on the studio for the moment

Below are details of how I store my thread, beads etc.... I find it works really well for me. You must be able to see everything you have - not in boxes you cannot see into or boxes behind others ...
But of course not everyone has such a large studio.
You have not seen my store room yet - full of my fabrics, art supplies and other larger odds and ends - at the moment it is full of some of my youngest sons furniture etc etc etc... but he is moving into his new house this Friday and I will have another big tidy up and re-organize the storeroom (and our shed) - do not know when I can get to my sewing machine. Hopefully this will be the last major re-organization to do as both our sons are now settled in their new homes, places and jobs and all their gear will be gone???!! One hopes!!!

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