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Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Have I lost it?  Shoulder
Just an update - I do have a tear in the one of the tendons in my arm, some inflation and artha (age) - I am just wearing out??
All my doctor says is some physio, rest, painkillers, heat and lots of time.
As he said it's more of an annoyance than anything else - at least it is not an operation that is needed.

Yesterday my students at Marden Senoir College were working on their painting unit - some brilliant effects are happening.
 We are using all sorts of paints, dyes, fabric inks, crayons etc so they get to understand what each will do to the fabric - some paints will make the fabric stiff, others like dye will not change the handle of the fabric, some crayons will need heat setting etc etc... They have to complete at lest 40 samples including silk painting and then present 10 of their best - some with additions to them eg stitching, piecing, pen and ink etc...

Below are general photos of the class' efforts - not ironed or presented yet - just the beginning

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