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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Have I lost it???

My husband said when you are under 60 you fall over when you are over 60 you have a fall.
And this is what I have done in the last year - had a fall - just before going to China in April last year now I have injured my shoulder just before another trip - is this telling me something???? 
Have I lost it?
Or is it because I am over 60????? As my Doctor kindly reminded me that I am getting older - thanks!!
I need to be more careful at my age. Thanks once again!!

So this is one reason I have not being blogging but the real reason is that I had to consider why I was blogging and what did I really want to put on the blog.
So now I have decided!!! 
I want to share with you my teaching at Marden Senior College which is Textiles Arts. I will share some of  the students work and talk about some of the discussions that we have about Textiles.
Secondly, I want to share with you my Art Practice and things about Textiles that I enjoy and find interesting. 
Thirdly, a little about me and what I get up to - mainly related to my studio work and what influences that work.

I will blog every second day - probably not that regularly when I am travelling - I have no laptop so I will have to rely on the internet cafes or at our hotel. Will see what happens.

2012 and a shoulder injury - like now!!!
2011 - a fall at school a week before I travelled to China - luckily no major damage but a little scar 

Have I really lost it?

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