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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Word of the Year

I am back now from a holiday break - thinking, resting, sewing, reading, eating and sleeping.
I wanted to start the year off with a clear indication where I am, what I want to do etc... so I have stared with: - 

“Your Word of the Year”

I have been following Christine Kane for the last year and have decided to take on board her word of the year ‘project’.
Below is a bit about Christine:

While Christine Kane is best known for her hip and catchy songs, and the down-to earth wit of her live performances, her fans
and students share that they are inspired most by her message of living authentically, courageously,
and successfully.
Christine’s philosophy is that you are the artist and your life is your work of art. That, she says, is what it means to “Live Creative.” From her years of touring the country to her wildly successful women’s retreats and coaching programs, her message is clear:
You can create your life exactly as you want it.
Christine has now mentored and coached over 500 people in her Uplevel Your Life Mastery Program and Uplevel Your Business Program & Blueprint in addition to live events and weekend programs.
Christine has released 7 CDs and an award-winning DVD in her expansive career as a performer and songwriter. Borders Books & Music named Christine one of the Top Five Recordings of 2003, the Washington Post called her “a petite powerhouse of a singer.”

Below is an exact from her ‘philosophy’ about the
Word of the year
Years ago, my friend Kathy LaMotte introduced me to the Word of the Year. Kathy never liked New Year’s Resolutions, but choosing a Word to guide her through the year had long been a favorite ritual.
What I’ve learned from putting this ritual into practice is that Intention — even in the form of a single word — is unfathomably powerful. Resolutions are fine, but they are often motivated by “shoulds.” As such, they remain trapped in the “Should Realm” — in our heads.
A word, however, contains energy, images and meaning. These are things our hearts and souls get excited about. And this is how transformation begins. Rarely does deep transformation happen because of “Shoulds.”

Look at her website for more info and subscribe to her mailing list – it is well worthwhile

So what is my word for 2012 ?

I had to look carefully at where I wanted to go in 2012 – ask myself several questions and come up with my word for the year.
Definition: A change from one state or form to another, any act or process by which a thing becomes unlike what it was before or the unlikeness so produced; we say a change was taking place.

And words that are related are: - passage, passing, shifting, jump, leap, variation, conversion, transit, changeover, alteration, evolution, growth, modification, turning point, turn, switch, progression etc…

My second word is REGENERATION
Definition: reestablish on a new usually improved, basis or make new or like new.

And words that re related are: - renew, reform, restore, reclaim, rejuvenate, recreate, reawaken, restore mend, reestablish, rectify, mend, reinstate, revitalize, reawaken, replace, shape a new, give a new life or energy etc….

So what does that mean? Well I will endeavour to apply this these words to my daily life both professional and personal.

And as Christine Kane says there are three elements to consider when you chose your Word for the Year and they are: AUTHENITICITY – AWARENESS – CLARITY.

So look at her website and think about what would your words be for 2012????

 Look out for more regular posts now.

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