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Friday, 27 January 2012

Walking on the Beach

Walking on Grange Beach 

Grange Jetty

 This morning we (my husband and I) decided to do our morning walk down along the foreshore nearest to us - Grange Beach. In South Australia we have some stunning beaches - white sands and clear water. I had forgotten how beautiful this beach is and how lovely it was to walk along the foreshore in the fresh air and enjoy the waves, sea, sand, jetty and watching the people and their dogs, kids .... enjoying the earlier morning - it was about 8am and just so relaxing and beautiful. We often forget to take some time out to charge our batteries. Then back to my studio for some work - which did not happen but what a start to the day.
Footsteps in the sand
Seaweed - wonderful textures and colour
Sculpture along the foreshore

Grange Beach
Grange Jetty
My husband drew my name in the sand - I WAS there!!!

What joy to walk along the beach!!

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