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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My Studio

MY STUDIO - 2012

I have been very lucky to marry a builder who has built me a fine large studio. It is 120 square metres - 100 of that is my working studio and the rest is a store room full of fabrics, art equipment etc.
It was very good to be able to have a purpose built studio as I could design what I wanted - there were many considerations eg power points - number and positioning, lightning, tables - number and heights, office space, cosy space for hand stitching, sewing machine area, book shelves, storage for threads, beads and odds and ends, chairs, computer area, tea and coffee area (even though I do not drink either), and many more considerations. I call it my studio but it is so cosy my husband uses it too for reading and his tea and coffee but it is large enough to spare some times. I must admit I do get it to myself most of the time - that is when I can get to it. Starting back at work this week (I am an Art Textiles teacher at Marden Senior College) means I will not see or use my studio as much as I have in the last few weeks. I did have a big clean up especially sorting out my library but I have been working on a few project so its not so neat now as you can see in the pictures below: 

This is my cosy area for hand sewing and of course watching TV
My office and tea and coffee areas are in the back
Tables for cutting and sewing (if you can get some room) - design board in the left-hand  corner where I do my photography - door in the middle is to the store room
Looking towards the door is my sewing area and my library in the back
View of part of my library after the big tidy-up this holidays - it is cleaner and I turned over all the shelves which more beginning to bow with the weight of the books - a big job but at least it is done
My lovely Mac computer and printer  etc.....

I hope you enjoy seeing where I work and in future post I will give you some more views of my little special areas and how I store my fabrics, threads, etc to help you design your space.

Share with me some ideas or questions on studios.
No studio is ever perfect.

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