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Sunday, 8 June 2014

I am back online

I am now back online.
Since last online I have experienced what I call a "down time".
After returning from India in January my husband was very ill - for a couple of months and I lost both my brother and mother and had to deal with a father who no longer wishes to have me as his daughter but I just had to return to normal life so where did I start...???
I reorganised my studio and tidied everything from top to bottom - well I found some interested things that I had not seen for a while and the best of all I touched every bit of fabric and then started new works.
Also my work as a Art Textile teacher was my lifeline and so were my students and colleagues and the best of all was my support from my friends.
The best supportive person was my husband.
But I guess all of us go through ups and downs in our life and it is the way we handle these that counts.
Hopefully I now can communicate with my blog people.

Well today we visited Semaphore at the seaside in South Australia and of course we were naughty and had Fish & Chips for lunch by the sideside and agmost the seagulls. We visited the Semaphore Carousel - it is the largest in Australia and is 75 years old.
Enjoy the photos below as I did on our visit.

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