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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Creating New Fabric Workshop

Have you every wanted to create your very own orginal fabric? If so this workshop is for you! You will create new fabrics with fusing techniques to use for backgrounds and/or motifs. This is a creative approach that will enhance your art quilts. Each person will end up with a small individual piece of work.

This was the descriptor for the workshop which I tutored yesterday for the Quilters' Guild of SA. Everyone enjoyed the workshop and they had fun making teir hew fabrics. The photos below are some of work in progress - can't wait until they all finish them all.

The display board with my work as examples of "Creating New Fabric"

The girls at work preparing their backgrounds - stirps - desicion making time

Kerrie used Sari silk sstrips for her background

The sari silk strips ironed and placed ready for stitching

Stitching the background

More in the next blog post - so join me again


  1. The colours of those sari silks are divine!

  2. It was a great workshop, I enjoyed learning a new technique and now I have to get some of those sari silk ribbons.