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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Commission Work

Last year I was approached by the Quilters Guild to see if I would take on a commission for a woman who wanted quilts made from samplers from her husband's father. They were all silk samplers from Asia from the 1920's - 1950's - the grandfather being an exporter of silk fabrics who lived in Macau, China at the time. These samplers were passed down the family and had sat in a cupboard for many years. I took one look at them and said yes. After careful negiation the family decided on 4 quilts, one for each children of the family for a keep sake to be made for Xmas 2013.
We finially decided on the price, size, timeline and a random log cabin style and I began the process. I thoroughly enjoyed  creating them and I used every bit of fabric then adding silk borders to each quilt with my 'signature' flower quilting on the borders.
I made 4 quilts, one all white, one white and duck blue, one blue and gold and one with all the colours.
In the next few blog posts I will share the process and the finished pieces.

Below is the white and a little bit of duck blue.

The beginning - log cabin blocks

Joining of the blocks

This was interesting - I thought this arrangement was fine but the daughter-in-law wanted it changed to the pic below

Finished quilt - sorry not a great photo - silk is very hard to photograph especially white

Which layout do you like best??

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