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Friday, 31 May 2013

Autumn is Here

Well, really it is now officially winter here in Adelaide, South Australia being the 1st June today.

This is what part of my garden is like today on an overcast day, raining all day yesterday and part of the night. Our water tanks (we have many) are all full and overflowing. Does this means I can have a lovely longer shower?  We have rain water connected to the house now so we have soft water not the awful Adelaide water.

The garden looks lovely and I can look out my studio windows and see the leaves changing colour and falling as each day passes.

I am working too not just day dreaming. Am working on four commission quilts using silks - will post some photos later.

Looking out the back door

Part of he front garden

Tree out the back of the house looking towards the studio

The tree outside my studio window

View from my studio window

I love this time of the year - windy, wet and autumn - makes you feel alive!!

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