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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

An Exhibition Trail

Today we packed a picnic lunch and headed off to Adelaide Hills to visit several exhibitions.

The first being at Murray Bridge Gallery
 Three exhibitions in the one space. What a treat!!!
In the main Gallery was an exhibition of stitched works, Art to Wear and paintings by Cheryl Bridgart  - "Its All About the Journey" - a fabulous exhibition!!! Worth a visit.
In the two smaller Galleries were exhibitions by Adrian Caon - "Obsolescence" - Photography about his impressions about his travels to India. He also had a lovely travel  journal on display.
The last gallery was a photography exhibition by Richard Lyons - "Our Culture Burns Brightly without Cigarettes"
They were all wonderful and very interesting.
19 April - 2 June 2013

Then onto the Hahndorf Academy Gallery to see "Memory Cloth" by Glenys Mann - Australia, Els van Baarle - The Netherlands, Cherilyn Martin - United Kingdom. This was also an interesting exhibition of Textiles. 26 April - 9 June 2013

Then onto Johnston Winery at Oakbank to see "Winter Blues"
- an exhibition of Art to Wear by the "Class Act Collective". It was very varied and interesting - the Winery is really lovely too.
5 May - 2 June 2013.

So if you want a lovely day out visit the exhibitions above in the Adelaide Hills.

A brief snapshot of Cheryl's exhibition - mainly her paintings on view here

A corner of the exhibition "Memory Cloths" - Glenys Mann's work on the right

A small corner of "Winter Blues"

Old part of Johnston's Winery 

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