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Saturday, 1 June 2013

In my Garden

A few problems in the garden - the storm blew over a section of one of our palm trees and the other palm is "seeding". 
I love my garden at this time of the year. It is cool or rather cold, wet and lush.

Trunk of our now gone palm

Palm tree bent over  in the storm

The 'seeding' of the palm - I just love the shapes

Detail of 'seeds' on the palm

I really love the details on the palms - need to be some textiles with all my garden photos


  1. Oooo, that top photo is a quilt just waiting to happen.

    1. Lovely to hear from you in NZ - did not know I was known there - what power does the internet have ???

  2. The visual texture on the palm trunk is exciting, looks like dyed fabric splattered with paint .... and the divisions on the trunk add so much interest too. Fantastic photo Suzanne.

    1. Thanks Christine - I love the photo too - might try to take some more shots before it totally disappears