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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Southern Textiles

Southern Textiles is held every two years and is a Conferences for those that love Fibres.
I am the Convenor and organise the Conference with some helpers.
The 5 workshops are on the way now - every one is very excited and VERY busy working.
See  a previous post about Southern Textiles and the tutors.
Below are a mixture of what is happening
In Kirry Toose' workshop students are creating Collars and neckpieces - very beautiful.

Tutor - Kirry Toose

Detail collar - Kirry Toose
Julia Morris - her weaving for THE collar
Collar in bits ready for construction  - Glenys Leske
Detail of collar - Francie Mewett
Mandy King one of our young participants buying from the "shop" - a glee in her eyes ???

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