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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Collage Workshop

On Saturday I taught a Collage workshop. They worked with paper and fabric creating a series of exercises to further enhance with stitch etc... for the continuing workshop in two weeks time. I asked the girls if I could share some of their work here on my blog with you all. They were all in agreement that is was a great idea so they could all share the excitement of the  Collages.
I can not wait until the next 'class' to see how far they will take their exercises they did yesterday.

So enjoy!!!

Wendy Redden (above) and Pam Kelly (below) working on
their paper and fabric exercises

Below are a few more examples of the beginnings
of the classes' paper and fabric exercises.

Aren't they wonderful? 
Cannot wait until the next workshop when
 they have worked on them further!!!

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