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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Dare to Differ - Contemporary Quilt Exhibition

Dare to Differ - 2011
2011 was the 9th Dare to Differ exhibition to be held in Adelaide by the Quilters Guild of South Australia and the challenge was set in 1994 to DARE - to be courageous enough to try to challenge ... and to DIFFER - to be dissimilar in quality, nature of degree...
The aims of DAre to Differ:
To educate the public about contemporary quilts
To raise awareness of the value of textiles in Visual Arts
To showcase Contemporary Australian makers
To encourage SA Quilt makers to be further innovative and daring

Convenor: Suzanne Gummow
Selectors: Julie Haddrick and Suzanne Gummow
Guest Speaker: Julie Haddrick
Designer of all Visuals: Sarah Smith
Sponsors: The Quilters Guild of SA and Brother International
Gallery:Gallery M, Marion Cultural Centre

Thanks to all above and all participants and other helpers

I am very proud to be able to Co-ordinante this exhibition once again!!

Thanks to all those who attended the opening night to make it a great success!

Julie Haddrick and Suzanne Gummow

'Garlands Galore' -  Suzanne Gummow

Crowds listening to the opening speech by Julie Haddrick

Watch this space for more posts in the next few days.

Also look at Pam Holland's blog for more photos of the event.

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