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Sunday, 28 August 2011


    Andrea Marten's drawing of pattern - 'create' in Suzanne Gummow's class at Marden Senior College.

What is Pattern?

Pattern is, by definition, 'a repeated decorative design'. They are everywhere around us in nature, in the stripes on a zebra, the petals of a flower,  or the lines on a tree etc etc....

I introduced "Pattern" to my students and discussed how they could create a textile piece using pattern in both the background and in the "animals" they would select for their drawings. They started with working on a series of drawings, selecting one and then creating it using any textile techniques that would suit the pattern exercise.

Below (and above) is the result of one of my students piece based on "Pattern" by Andrea Marten.

The finished piece 

Cartoon (drawing) of the piece

Details above and below

Beautiful use of stitch, pen, paint to "form" the pattern
Well done Andrea!!!

I will show you some more examples in a future blog - keep posted

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