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Monday, 1 August 2011

A new start - blogging

As a new person to blogging I quess I have to think who my audience will be and what I want to say to the world and what I wish to share with you all
As a Visual Arts Educator I think I want to share my knowledge of textiles and art, my love of travelling, my own Arts Practice as a Textile Artist and a little about who I am etc
It will be a good focus for me too to see what I can achieve and try to delight you all
So the best start is to post some interesting photos from one of my trips to India - a country that I feel at home in - its colours, its people, its textiles ....

Torans hanging in the windows
Local people at Goa

Children at Festival time 
Palace in Bjuh
Indian women sewing a shisha mirror on my dress
Local transport in the city

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