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Monday, 22 August 2011

My Family

My immediate family are very important to me and without them I would not be able to do what I love in the Textile and Quilting fields so I thought I would introduce them to you. My husband is Ken and we have two sons, both are extremely creative and our house was always filled with Art - mainly Textiles.

Ken and myself in London

My husband - Ken is the love of my life. He is retired, a shipwright by trade but worked as a Supervisor in the building industry. He built my studio and is currently renovating our 1950's house. He does all the gardening including growing many of our vegetables and loads of the cooking which leaves me to do more of my creative work and of course this blog. We love to travel to far away places especially in Asia.

My eldest son Ben is an Art Director/Senior Graphic Designer. He worked in London for many years and has just returned to OZ and is working and living in Melbourne. Like his parents he has a great passion for travel, he and his wife spent 4 months travelling in India on the way to the UK and when in London they travelled extensively throughout Europe. He is also a brilliant photographer.

My son Ben's favourite wedding photo - married here in Adelaide two years ago

My youngest son, James trained in Graphic Design and Visual Arts but he is now a Medic in the Army.
What a change but he is very happy in the Army. At the moment he is deployed in Malaysia/Thailand and loves this opportunity for travel too. Last year he travelled to Europe and the UK. He is now based in Adelaide for another two years.

It will be great this year to have the boys in OZ - this will be the first time we are all together in one country at the same time - this has not been so for a few years now.  As I have stated I would and could not do all the creative things I achieve without their love and support. 

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