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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Creative Raw Edge Collage

This is one of the classes that I have the privilege of teaching at AQC in April 2016 in Melbourne(for further information go to There are some exciting classes at the Conference as well as great exhibitions and 'shops'. So why not join me or one of the other classes. This is an exciting class with an interesting approach to raw edge applique. I guess all of us who teach collage teaches it in a different way to each other and we all have those wonderful hints and tricks to make life easier so join me at AQC.

This is the description to the workshop.

You will learn to look at fabrics and colour in totally new ways to create images to suit your textile works or quilts. Creative raw edge collage is a technique that can be developed almost spontaneously out of the love of the fabrics themselves and don’t we love those fabrics? You will create a small wall hanging approximately a A3 size. Some of the techniques covered in this workshop will be basic design, raw edge applique, free machine stitching/quilting and finishing techniques that will be required for your special raw edge collage work. Students will work on individual themes and therefore all finished work will be different. A fun workshop!

Suzanne Gummow - deatil "Southern Flowers"

Suzanne Gummow - deatil Peacock

Suzanne Gummow - detail flower

Suzanne Gummow

So come and enjoy AQC with me in April

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