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Friday, 29 January 2016

A Matter of Time - Selected Exhibition 

I was extremely thrilled to be selected into this exhibition. I love a challenge and this was - the theme I found difficult and had to consider carefully, research and think this over for a long time. I find that I work extremely well when faced with a challenge to create something new to 'fit' the theme. So take a look at the website and follow the 32 artists that got into the show.‎

Artist statement: 
"Black holes are so massive that they severely warp the fabric of spacetime, the three spatial dimensions and time combined in a four-dimensional continuum. For this reason, an observer inside a black hole experiences the passage of time much differently than an outside observer."

My entry Suzanne Gummow"Black Hole"

Suzanne Gummow detail "Black Hole"

Suzanne Gummow detail "Black Hole"


  1. Seems to be a great exhibition. Even I was also thinking to attend this but got quite busy in my daily routine as had to attend couple of business events at local event venues. I hope I’ll get the opportunity to attend it next year!

  2. Thanks for your information, now in this new version there are so many new feature and bugs fix.