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Friday, 7 February 2014

Indian Streets

Indian streets are wonderful - full of colour, dirt, cow poo, rubbish, people everywhere, stalls selling everything. It is a nightmare to walk the streets - you need to walk looking at the ground so you do not step in poo or fall down a hole or walk on a body sleeping in the street. But it is a joy and a wonderful experience.

Below are a few shots of Indian streets.
Hope you enjoy them.

A side street or rather a lane to houses of the locals

Sellers of pots

Flowers for the temples

Flowers for the temple (lotus buds in the middle)

Rubbish at the end of our street where we stayed in Delhi - this is a collection and sorting point for a few streets

Sellers in the middle pavement selling everything - they take up any spare available and set up daily

This is the first view from our window on the first day in Delhi - they leave scooters, cars, bikes wherever they breakdown and the dust just builds up and up - we saw loads of sights like this!!

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