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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Delhi - India

Arriving in Delhi was interesting as we had booked a hotel in the Paharganj in the main street of the Main Bazaar to find that the area was closed due to protest about the elections so we had to find another area and a hotel. After that the next day we had a driver that took us to some of the main tourist venues in Delhi.
Delhi is alive, busy, dirty, with loads of things to see.

Two tombs we visited were Safarjung and Humayun.
Both are similar in design  - typical Mughal style.

Safdarjung's tomb was built in 1754. He was the Nawah of Awadh and one of the most important Mughal nobles during the reigns of Muhammad Shah.
The photos below are of Safdarjung's tomb - it was quite stunning and one could image how beautiful it would have been in the 18th C with carpets, lamps, and textiles - apparently there was a canopy over the actual tomb and a fine white sheet that covered it. The gardens had many fountains and the feeling of the water would have been so beautiful and peaceful but even today it is still stunningly beautiful. 

Whole view of the tomb - fog or rather smog in the early morning 

Entrance to the tomb - first gate house

Domes - covered in copper and bronze - on top of the small tomb's mosque

Inside the gate house

The actual tomb - white marble


  1. Gorgeous architecture. Great photos.

  2. its a pity the main fountains weren't running. they look great.