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Friday, 19 July 2013

July School Holidays 

A caravan trip to the mid north of South Australia this holidays was a delight - great weather and very relaxing
We journeyed to Port Pirie and the Southern Flinders Ranges
Staying at Port Pirie we ventured out and about every day
   Reading and eating at night time

One of our day trips was to Port Germain which has the longest wooden jetty in the Southern Hemisphere built in 1882 - 1.5 kilometres in length.  This was to reach water deep enough for boats to load their cargo. Today it is a shell of itself but still interesting for fishing, walking, art Galleries and an old junk shop with everything in it piled up to the ceiling. We had a great walk around the town. 

Lovely old houses - many empty and falling down - another dying town - such a petty

The begininning of the jetty
Part of the jetty - a light beacon?

Flowers on the cactus - are they large enough? 

Can you see the jetty? It is 1.5 kilometres long

What was left of the Garage - now a house

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