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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Fabric Printing

Last week I "marked" some of the printing unit folders so I thought I would share with you some of the students work in the next few posts. 
In the printing unit we cover a variety of printing techniques eg natural printing of leaves etc., mono- printing, roller, stencil, stamping and making stamps, riso sceens, unsing found objects, and many more. The students have to make their own stamps, stencils and riso screens but they use recycled objects as well exploring as many different techniques of printing they can to achieve variety. The students have be build up the printing processes - complex cloth.

The below photos are all a few of Gaynor Arblaster's examples.
In this unit she had two very full A4 folders full of examples, loads of research on each topic, a box of stamps that she made, a note book, a larger folder of stencils and riso screens and a research assignment on "The Story of Andinka Cloth". This unit of hers was a delight to "mark" and I totally enjoy the process of seeing my students succeed.

Well done Gaynor!!!

So you too enjoy the photos below

Hand made Stamps

Complex Cloth using stamps



Roller Printing and stamping


Eraser stamp

Riso screen printing over a dyed fabric

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  1. Well done Gaynor
    You have done an amazing job
    Your fabrics are stunning
    I am not surprised
    Well done
    Blessings bev