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Monday, 18 March 2013

Indigo Workshop

On the weekend I had organized Jane Callender from the UK to  conduct a weekend workshop using Indigo and its techniques.
The tutor was very generous with her time and she shared so much of her knowledge with the students which was extensive. All the students had a great time and learnt heaps.
Below are a few general pics of the students working etc..

Cally, the tutor, as she is known is doing an Australian tour and will continue onto other places in OZ after Adelaide. 

Jane Callender (Cally)
Julie Haddrick unpicking an indigo stitched piece

Colleen Morrow hanging out her Indigo pieces

Rosemary Abbot dipping into the Indigo vat

Students hanging up their work

The students and Cally at the end of the workshop - they are still smiling and have blue hands???!!!!

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