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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Lest We Forget - 100 Years, 100 Quilts

Below is my entry "Red Poppy" into this exhibition

Lest We Forget: What Does This Mean to You?

Specially created for AQC in 2015 is this display of small challenge quilts, commemorating one of Australia’s most defining times and in tribute to all those affected by conflicts over the years.
For the ‘Lest We Forget Quilt Challenge – 100 Years, 100 Quilts’ quiltmakers from across Australia and New Zealand were invited to contribute to this exhibition of mini-quilts. The quilts they have created will now be hung together as a mosaic, premiering at AQC and then touring at the Craft & Quilt Fairs.
Many quiltmakers have added a dedication to the reverse of their quilt, and the stories behind each piece are touching and heartfelt.

Detail of "Red Poppy"

During the First World War, red poppies were among the first plants to spring up in the devastated battlefields of northern France and Belgium. In soldiers' folklore, the vivid red of the poppy came from the blood of their comrades soaking the ground. The poppy soon became widely accepted throughout the allied nations as the flower of remembrance to be worn on Armistice Day. The Australian Returned Soldiers first sold poppies for Armistice Day in 1921.
My grandfather being one of them.

Come to AQC and enjoy this wonderful exhibition

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