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Saturday, 3 August 2013

"ESSENCE" - all that makes us what we are

An exhibition of textiles by Fibre Artist Network (FAN)

Yesterday was the opening of the FAN members exhibition. Cheryl Bridgart opened the exhibition. There were loads of people and a lovely opening indeed - it is a worthwhile visit - a large variety of "portraits" using many different textile techniques.

The exhibition is at 
Pepper Street Arts Centre Gallery
558 Magill Road, Magill, Adelaide, South Australia
3 - 30 August 2013
Hours: Tues to Sat 12 noon - 5pm.

Suzanne Gummow

Cathy Boniciolli

Jane Coffee

Julie Haddrick self portrait 

Sam Pope in front of Sue Whittaker's work 

Margey Knapp

Cheryl Bridgart who opened our show - Textile Artist

Liz Stevesen, Suzanne Gummow and Cheryl Bridgart at the opening of the exhibition in front of Sam Pope (left) and Kaye Oliver (right) works

So come and enjoy the works by all the artists.
Well done to all the artists involved.

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