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Sunday, 14 April 2013

SAlt exhibition

SAlt - South Australian Living Textiles is a group of 5 artists - Judi Bushby, Suzanne Gummow, Julie Haddrick, Francie Mewett and Sarah Bell Smith. 

The exhibition is called 
"THE FABRIC TRAIL....journeys of five textile artists"
The exhibition is a collection of fabric artworks (40 in all) that explore elements of the theme 'journeys' framework and encompasses various fabric techniques and ideas through contemporary and traditional media.

It has been an exciting two years creating 8 artworks each with a different theme. It is a wonderful exhibition and so diverse. The exhibition is to be launched at the Australian Quilt Convention next week in Melbourne( and will then travel throughout Australia.

We would all love you to view the exhibition.

Below are a few details of my work from the exhibition.

Suzanne Gummow - Detail 'Garden Path'

Suzanne Gummow - Detail 'Doorways'

Suzanne Gummow - Detail 'Places Travelled'

So if you are attending the AQC

 do not miss the SAlt exhibition!!
I would love to know what you 
think of the works.


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