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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Sri Lanka - Sigiriya

Here are photos of our long walk and climb up the rock of Sigiriya to see the ancient sights of the Buddhist Monastery and Palace including the frescoes posted on the previous post.

I never thought that I could make my way up the rock but I did do it. It was so hot and so far but well worth it especially to see the ancient rock frescoes that I had first seen in a National Geographic Magazine about 20 years ago. They were more impressive in the real. The views from the top the the rock were stunning - I could see why they built on the rock.

Hope that one day some of you may have the opportunity to see the rock for yourself but at least I can share my experiences with you all.

My husband Ken walking towards the rock

A few of the stairs up the rock

The spiral gaged staircase to the frescoes (behind the scaffolding)

Now nearly to the top up another staircase

A view coming down the rock which was a bit daunting

The large loin paws outside the entrance to the top of the rock  - once there was a loins head above the paws but that has disappeared with time

I felt a great achievement climbing the ancient rock of Sigiriya and hope you enjoy the experience.

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