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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Aldinga Beach - a visit

Aldinga Beach - Not open - bad luck - couldn't spend any money

Hi - I am back. I have been so busy over the last year that I fell
in a heap (blog wise) since I finished work last week. I have been
 spending time with my youngest son, James who has moved in
with us for a short period of time until he moves into his new
home in late Jan/early Feb - we hope!!!! Those who have bought
 a house know how stressful it is getting every thing organised etc
and I have spent time with James helping him - it all takes time
but I am back no .

I am on holidays for the next five weeks and am trying to do my
 own Art work each day but unfortunately I cannot share it with
you yet.

Today we went for a drive - of course with a purpose to Aldinga
Beach about 65km from Adelaide. We visited a second-hand
caravan place to look at of course caravans - we may buy one
later next year for tripping around Australia.
Above and below are some photos of the beach etc...

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