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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Sunflower Sunburst

Below are photos of my 'Sunflower Sunburst' that I entered into the NSW Quilters Challenge 'Purple and Yellow'. There was a wide variety of quilts entered and the interpretations were extremely diverse.
All these small quilts (60 X 40cm) will be on display at the Sydney Quilt Show which I and some of my students will be attending in June next year. The quilts will then be exhibited at various sites as a 'suitcase exhibition' for the next 26 months. The Sydney Quilt Show is fantastic - loads of quilts, art to wear, quilt exhibitions, demonstrations and shops and more shops etc...
A day is not enough - two or even three days are needed to have a good look.
All the quilts have been published in the 'Template' - the NSW's Guild magazine.
The photos below are the progressional stages as well as the finished quilt.

The 2012 challenge is "PEARL" as it is the Guild's 30th anniversary which "Pearl' is the anniversary stone.  Now this title has me stumped!!!!! I will have to do some very creative thinking...

I know some of you visit my blog regularly but I do not here from you and it is good to be in contact with all of you!!!

Enjoy!!! I hope??

Suzanne Gummow "Sunflower Sunburst"   - 60 X 40 cms

Above and below - pen drawings of the sunflowers
Above and below - purple random pieced background - hand-dyed
and commercial fabrics
Above- Sunflower applique - before stitching - hand dyed fabrics
Below - Sunflower stitched Applique

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